Digital Door Viewers

Know Before You Open

Before you or anyone else in your family opens the front door, you should know who’s on the other side. In fact, wouldn’t you like to be able to know who’s approached your home , Mul-T-Lock’s  series of digital door viewers let you know who’s at your door, before they even knock.

With a built-in camera, GotU+™ gives you an expanded view of your entrance. GotU+™ automatically displays whoever is approaching on a LCD screen inside your home. And if you decide, it will even take pictures and videos of the scene – automatically. So even when you’re not home, you’ll know who’s been to visit.

Easy to use and install, GotU+™ will fit over your existing viewer. It has a range of convenient and smart features including night vision for a clear view all of the time, motion-sensor activated camera, and plenty of storage so that you can save your captured footage.

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